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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


When TBG and I got married, I told him that I didn't want to even consider kids for at least 8 years. He told me that he'd be happy if we had a kid within a year or so. We decided it best to just pray that God change our hearts for the other and bring balance to the kid issue.

After being married for two and a half, almost three years, we got pregnant with That Boy. We were equally excited and terrified. When asked how many kids we wanted in our family, TBG said more than one, but probably four as the max. I wasn't sure, but I figured somewhere between two and four as good as well.

...as time has gone on, and TB has arrived, I started thinking between four and eight. ...at this point in time, I'm thinking around a dozen. Give or take. Literally. A dozen kids sounds fantastic to me. A range of ages, stages in life, older siblings to guide/tease/encourage/torment the younger. A full dinner table, siblings to recollect stories of childhood and crazy things they're parents said or did. I dunno. I just really like the idea of a full quiver of children.

I think TBG is now thinking of praying for a miracle in the terms that his wife comes to her senses.

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