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Friday, August 10, 2012

In everything we say or do, give thanks!

Currently, my weather bug says it's 102 outside, and the expected high is 109. It's been one of those weeks here in Southern California.

   And yesterday, our fridge died.

   Right after we bought groceries.

TBG was pretty concerned (stressed) about how we'd pay for it, whether it be repairs or a new fridge. I was concerned about the groceries being lost. Thankfully the freezer seems to still be working, so it was only the fridge groceries that needed a new home. And our wonderful neighbor happened to have some space in her fridge to house our food until Saturday. (come Saturday, if our fridge is still dead, I'll be moving our stuff from her fridge to my parents fridge, so she can do her grocery shopping!) We called, and a repair guy is coming to look at it this afternoon. During all this, TBG was still stressing, and I'd finally decided that whatever happens, happens, and it doesn't surprise the Lord, and He knows how it'll work out. TBG then needed to leave to help a friend move, and I stayed home with the (fussy) baby. Well, when TBG got home, he seemed much more relaxed, and then told me the good news. An unnamed friend from church had called him, and has offered to help us in the fridge situation. Considering we don't yet know if it'll be something fixable, or something that needs a whole new fridge, that's pretty awesome! We're praying for fixable, but we'll see what happens. Either way, how awesome is God, in providing a friend who's willing to help?! (hopefully it won't be a pricey thing, for all our sakes. But just the knowledge that there IS help, is wonderful....and rather humbling) God is awesome, and involved in even the little details. How can we not rest easy in that knowledge?

   TB has a sunday school sing along cd...that song called, "I've got the joy, joy, down in my heart" has that line about peace that passes understanding. I think that's the best way to describe this. Considering how much of a worry wort I used to be, this is NOT my norm!

  As long as our crock pots, stovetop and rice cooker don't die next, I'm happy. The oven is still....issuematic... but at least our garbage disposal is fixed! Yay for mad hubby skills!

  I'd had the thought yesterday, when the middle of the fridge drama. What am I thankful for? Am I going to get so worked up over this little thing? What do I have that I can be thankful for? I'll share my list:

 1.) Salvation
 2.) My healthy hubby
 3.) Our healthy son
 4.) Our healthy kitties
 5.) My hubby has a job to provide for our family
 6.) We have a roof over our heads, carpet under our feet, and AC that works!
 7.) We have food (just not in the fridge right now!) ^_^
 8.) Our washer and dryer work
 9.) Our two cars work
 10.) The Lord has provided me with random sewing commissions
 11.) My sewing machine works!
 12.) The Lord has also surprised me with some random Pampered Chef opportunities
 13.) My son has healthy lungs

>_> I need to cut this short I suppose, as TB is letting me know that he's still displeased with my food choice of bell peppers yesterday, and that I need to come hug him NOW as his little innards are writhing in discomfort. I'm thankful that I've learned what causes issue though!

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  1. I heartily agree! Mike and I were talking about this last night. We can either let weather become such a major thing it makes us miserable or we can be thankful for what we have. Besides, the weather will always change...