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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Intro to Green Scene Mom and my Brackitz review

I just recently started writing product reviews for a group called Green Scene Mom, and I'll share a few of my reviews here as I write them, and encourage all young mom's to check out GSM! I receive a product for free, try it out, write a review about it, and get to keep whatever it be. (which is good, as nothing in this household is completely safe with a little boy in it!)
Green Scene Mom is a domain that shares eco-friendly products, clothing, inspirational stories and tips for a healthy lifestyle. I have greatly enjoyed reading other mom's reviews on products that I've found to be of interest to myself, and to hear their personal opinions on them. I highly recommend checking out Green Scene Mom! I'll include a link to GSM at the bottom of this post, as well as a few links for spiffy toy that I reviewed down below! 
Brackitz are a creative toy designed to encourage young minds in building and creating structures. They are made in the USA and are advertised for ages 3 to 103. Each set contains high quality wood planks and vibrant sturdy plastic joints for kids to build with.
Brackitz wooden building toy review Green Scene Mom
Brackitz currently offers three sizes of their play set; a 50-piece Creator Set, a 100-piece Architect Set, and a 200-piece Master Builder Set. We received the Architect Set to try out, and our entire family loves it! Brackitz come in a handy box with a handle for easy traveling and storage when not in use.
Brackitz wooden toy in the box review Green Scene Mom
The design of this play set is great — whatever we make is very sturdy. We've built towers that will not topple unless someone is out to specifically destroy them.

Brackitz's award-winning 100-piece Architect Set includes:

  • 60 Wood Planks
  • 10 Blue 90° Connectors
  • 10 Orange 90° Connectors
  • 10 Yellow 120° Connectors
  • 10 Red 120° Connectors
Brackitz wooden building set
Our 2-and-a-half-year-old son loves coming up with creative ways to attach the joints to the wood and build random fun shapes that way. As young as he is, he sometimes has trouble sliding the joints onto the wood, but with a little help from Mommy or Daddy he can design anything. And after a week of having them, he's now getting quite good at doing it himself.
playing with Brackitz wooden building set
Brackitz is a wonderful engineering toy for teaching children the basics of structural design, and offers hands-on training about how a good foundation is important for a strong tower. Our son has been enthralled with these since we've received them, spending as long as an hour or more playing with them. As he gets older and more adept at attaching pieces together, his attention span with this toy will likely stretch to even longer.

Product Details

  • Allows for a greater building experience
  • Provides countless hours of fun
  • Teaches measurement, angles, proportions and basic physics
  • Made with safe materials certified by Consumer Product Safety Commission standards
  • Made in the USA
Brackitz wooden building set with neon clips
Brackitz can be found online on their website with free domestic shipping on any order! Check out Brackitz imaginative play sets for your own little architects!

Seriously now, go check out Green Scene Mom! 

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