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Friday, June 8, 2012


I'm becoming more adept at typing with one hand. That Boy fell asleep on me, and I'm supporting him with one hand, while typing with the other.

It's moments like these that I can't take for granted. It's waking up during the night that I can't take for granted. When he's fussing in the car, I need to cherish that sound. Because not every Momma gets to enjoy their baby sleeping on them, gets to enjoy bonding during feedings, gets to hear their cry, and know with every breathy yell that their baby is alive and healthy.

So many family and friends have suffered the loss of miscarriage or the death of their baby. My heart breaks for them, as I can't even begin to imagine the heart breaking pain. One of the homeschool families I know lost their baby girl at 4 months old. My cousin and sister-in-love have each suffered miscarriages. So many friends have lost their little ones before even knowing who they were expecting. Today, I read a friend of a friend's blog post. And before I got to the second sentence, I was already weeping, holding my son close and praying for this family and for their healing. They knew who they were having. I can only imagine if our little TB graduated to Heaven before we got to meet him.

It's times like this, that I wish I had the words to encourage, or to just say "I'm crying with you", without the words sounding shallow and flat.

All I can do is pray for those who've experienced this, cry with them, and be that much more grateful to the Lord for what He's blessed us with today. Not to take even a minute for granted.

Please, lift this family up in your prayers.

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