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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Changes in life

So it's been awhile. In my defense, life has been busy. That Boy was born April 1, 8:11pm. (seriously, no joke, April 1) My water broke that morning at 7, labored at home, arrived at the birthing center around 6:30, and he was out in just a bit more time! He would've been out even sooner, but he was slightly stuck on my pelvis. But all things considered, a labor and delivery in 13 hours? I'll take it!

Leading up to his birth, I had four baby showers and much preparation! Thankfully, I wrote all my thank you cards right away, as now there is no possible way I'd get everything written and sent out. Not so much because of being sleep deprived, but because I'm just too scatter brained.

Example from this morning:

Me: "Dinner is ready!"
*That Bearded Guy comes to the table and sits down*
TBG: "Did you say dinner?"
Me: *long pause* "I think I meant breakfast."

Our kitties are adjusting very well to TB. Sephiroth seems pleased that we're showing him less attention and affection. (he doesn't like our hugs) And Malificent doesn't mind him at all as long as he isn't right next to her and crying. Any time he starts crying, they'll slowly edge out of the room with these expressions of we-didn't-do-it. So glad they aren't having jealousy issues like everyone kept telling us they'd have!

He just finished his 3 week growth spurt earlier this week. *phew* That was a bit of a hectic time. Non stop eating and very little sleep. Now he's starting to make up for the sleep, so yay! We can have quiet occasionally again!

Hopefully, once things settle a bit more, I can actually blog more and write more recipes. *crossing fingers*

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