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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Women's Conference

What a busy weekend! The only reason I'm sitting here and typing this right now is because I'm waiting for the dinner rolls in my kitchen to finish rising. (and I'm eating lunch quickly) This weekend is our church's Women's Conference and I'm in charge of all the gluten free food. (yay for gluten free! and yay for women's conference!)

So why am I at home typing on my blog and waiting for dinner rolls to rise? Because this is our lunch break time, and we in the kitchen realized that for dinner, all the church ovens will be in use, and we somehow still need to make the gluten free dinner rolls! Hence I drove home, mixed up our dinner rolls, am waiting for them to rise, then I'll drive over to my parents to use their oven, bake them, and head back to church by three. I love it! And as to why I'm not baking them at home-our oven is busted. Been busted since Monday. Waiting for some part to come in to fix it. *sighs* Not so much love about that, I'll admit.

Back to the conference and food! ^_^

Last night we had fondue pots out and a whole smorgasbord of foods to dip in. We had cheese and chocolate for the fondue, with breads, pretzels, fruits, vegetables, and whatnot to dip. I brought Glutino's GF pretzels for us GF ladies to dip in our chocolate. Yumm.....I think I had more than a serving. >_> But I don't regret it. I balanced the chocolate with the amount of fingerling potato's and cheese and carrots I was eating. Balanced meal, right?

This morning we had a late breakfast, and I made pumpkin muffins (from that pumpkin bread recipe) and an apple chocolate crumble cake. I'll have to post that recipe tomorrow or another day. Both were gone pretty quick. ...despite the fact that my pumpkin muffins were rather cosmetically challenged...I'd given them some time to cool, but had to run out the door before they were fully cooled. So they got tossed into a huge plastic bag...tossed into my car...and carefully arranged on a tray to be served...despite their...sad appearance. *sighs* At least they don't have to look good to taste good! *laughs*

Oh! It's time to pack up and head over to my parents! So grateful to the Lord that they live close by and have a working oven. What I'd do without them, I don't know. ...I do know though that I would have less tools in my garage, and I would have to buy my own tupperware. Whenever they come visit, one of them will comment, "oh, that's where THAT went!" Hehe, yeah, that's where it went...

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