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Thursday, October 6, 2011

An experiment....gone well!

It actually feels like Autumn! There's clouds in the sky, the temperature is in the 60's, and it's wonderful! (for those of us in southern California, this is an amazing phenomenon) I'm loving it. I really do think that Autumn is my favorite season. It's a messenger of all the good to come. The cooler nights, the season that windows can be left open for fresh air, time to pull out a sweater or two in anticipation of winter. Holidays, family, food, friends, RAIN, clouds, no more sunshine! Love it!

Yesterday I wanted to celebrate the cooler weather, so I cooked up a hearty beef stew for dinner. Nothing like tender chunks of beef, carrot, celery and onion to announce the wonders of the season. I also wanted to experiment. I recently bought a box of King Arthur Flour GF bread mix. I was curious-and feeling kinda lazy when I bought it. So yesterday I figured I'd try it. This is a box mix that's actually worth my money and time. I made it as the directions said, and it tasted so good with some butter and honey! I'm tempted to add some garlic seasoning next time I make this mix and see what that'd be like. (then add a bit of butter and cheese, and voila! garlic bread loaf!) TBG and I were very pleasantly surprised.

If you want to see what the box and such look like, here's their website: http://www.kingarthurflour.com/glutenfree/

Now that I've tried the bread and found that to be a keeper for my cupboard, I'm interested in trying a few of their other mixes. I'm usually not a person who likes mixes-I really do prefer baking from scratch-but it's always a good idea to have a few emergency back-up's. And the bread definitely qualifies for my back-up!

Yay for pleasant surprises! I may experiment with that bread later and see if it can be converted into rolls also. If it can, that'd be a handy thing to remember for Thanksgiving this year! ^_^

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