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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wow. I'm ashamed of how long it's been since my last post! I am so sorry- I did not abandon you, I promise! Life interrupted and it's been crazy. Oi.

At the moment, I confess to being a bit "meh". On Sunday our church had communion. Communion means bread (or crackers). Bread (or crackers) means wheat and gluten. Did we think of this? No, not until I already had a small piece in my hand. TBG and I deliberated for a few seconds and then figured that a tiny piece should be fine...right?.... WRONG!  Oyiee! I've been off and on sick since Sunday, dealing with dizzyness, nausea, headaches, stomaches, displeased bowels....ugh. Looks like from now on I'll need to be bringing my own little crackers to church for communion every first Sunday..

I may bite the bullet and go in for official celiac diagnosis soon. The only problem with doing that is that the diagnosis will not be accurate if I've been eating gluten free. (there's nothing to show, in a sense) So if I want to be tested accurately, I need to be eating gluten for a couple days. .....not really sure if I want to do that anytime soon...considering how sick a tiny communion cracker made me?.. Although, if I was to eat gluten for a few days, I'd do my best to suffer through it. Auntie Anne's hot pretzel, Carl's Jr double western bacon with onion rings and a cookie, and Rattler's BBQ with a triple fudge blackout cake slice. Yeah...I think I could enjoy that part of it all. ^_^ It's just the aftermath I don't know so much about... >_>

Because of my meh-ness, I haven't been able to start experimenting again this week like I had planned. *displeasure* Oh-and another thing we've noticed recently? My body seems to dislike having so much meat. If I have meat two or three times a day, I get horrible stomache aches! The "cure" for that is to take some of his Multizyme. (enzyme supplement to aid digestion) Of course, the best fix is to stop eating meat so much. So poor TBG has been experiencing more vegetarian dinners. Thankfully, he likes my lasagna even when it's only tofu and no meat, and he also likes my spaghetti squash salad. Granted, I miss the meat, but if it means I'm not curled up the couch cursing my culinary edible delights after, then I can learn to live with it.

Mmm, another news. Sad news. Our family is no longer a family of five. Earl passed away two Monday's ago. He had become quite the gaunt kitty, and was snubbing all foods. (even rotissierie chicken, fresh turkey, sandwich meats, everything we could think of!) He was apathetic and could barely move. (*will not cry, will not cry, will not cry*) We had taken him to the vet near the beginning of his decline, and they had told us that it was because of his age, but he was well enough to live at home and enjoy what time he had with us. Well, we knew the time had ended, so two Monday's ago we took him the vet for the last time. He was my first mammel pet. (I had 13 goldfish and 2 chinese fighting fish growing up) That was a rough couple days. The comfort was knowing he was no longer in discomfort, and that we still have Sephiroth and Malificent to care for. Now Seph-Kun is more cuddly, and Mal-Chan wants to play more. I think a bit of Earl rubbed off on them. ^_^

On to happy matters of food. Our organic box had plums in last week! They reached their full ripeness today, so tonight we'll be having plum glazed pork chops, fresh broccoli and roasted red fingerling potato's for dinner. (I'm eating vegetarian all day today so tonight won't be too bad) Soo looking forward to dinner! And any leftover glaze will go on my salad tomorrow for dressing. Mmmm!

O_o Note to self. Trim Seph-Kun's claws. ASAP. The big baby is sitting on my lap, and he stretched...I think my thigh has been punctured..ow...

I've gone back onto my carb counting diet. I realized recently what extra poundage I've accumulated, and decided it's time to lose it. Again. TBG and I have an anime convention in July that we're dressing up for, and we're going as a military couple. Soo...I gotta get in shape. Quick! I suppose one plus side to being so sick again is that I have very little appetite, so I haven't been eating as much. I guess that's good?...

Well, thinking of food and all, it's time for me to grab some lunch. Gonna enjoy some leftover spaghetti squash salad. Yay for veggies! Hopefully I'll be back soon with some recipes.

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