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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kitchen space, deep fryers and cupcakes. But not all at once.

I am so behind on the recipe and food posting! So sorry! Let's see, where to start? Umm...

Yesterday was our anniversary, and this Thursday is my birthday, so my poor hubby has to get me two items for presents for both occasions. (I keep telling him he can combine into one to make it easier) This year he decided to have a theme, and stayed consistant to it: a french fry cutter and a deep fryer! Now I can have non-cross-contaminated fries whenever I want! Yay! So far, we've had regular french fries and sweet potato fries. I love it.

We had to rearrange the kitchen to make space for our new appliances. (well, I had to, he wouldn't have cared too much either way) So we went out and bought a cute little cupboard to put large items in, and it gives us a top shelf for stuff, and it helps clear off our counters! Win/Win!

Cute little holder for all my mixers and boxes and whatnot!

I never showed a before picture, but now I have counter space again!

So I've enjoyed having counters again and space for all my baking/cooking/mad scientist moments. ^_^ Which is especially great right now, considering how much baking I'm doing! Today I'm trying out a box mix *le gasp* for cupcakes, and I'm making the frosting from scratch, as finding sugar-free frosting is impossible. This makes my life easier, as tomorrow will be cupcakes again, Thursday maybe something special for my birthday-undecided as of yet, Saturday I'll be making 2 french bread loaves, ooey gooey PB brownies, a pasta dish and a fruit dish for a friend's welcome-back-party, and then Sunday I need at least one baked good for the morning...but I'm debating between banana nut muffins, blueberry muffins, and pumpkin/apple muffins...or all three. We'll see how time runs on THAT. *manic laugh*

 Once I've perfected the frosting, I'll post about it and the cupcakes. I need to check if this mix is any good or not. I'm very skeptical of boxed mixes nowadays...

Did I mention yet, we made pumpkin pancakes! Sooo good!

Waiting to be flipped

I used the pancake recipe I posted earlier. I just added half a can of pumpkin to it, some cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, mace and cloves, and kept adding coconut milk until it was thin enough to cook all the way through! I discovered if you don't add milk to thin out the batter, the pumpkin makes it so thick, the batter has trouble cooking thouroughly. It'll look done-but it really isn't. Thin them down to the point where the batter is runny-ish, and you're ready to go! Cook like pancakes. Add butter and maple syrup and enjoy! Soo delicious!

A later batch that's flipped-MMMmmmm!!!!

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