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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thanksgiving dinner in August leftovers!

I love crock pots. I love them for a variety of reasons. My top two reasons are simple-I can toss food in, walk away, and when I come back then I have tasty food that's ready to eat! My other reason is LEFTOVERS!!! Yay for an easy dinner! Some people may say it's cheating, but I call it planning ahead. ^_^ Granted, I had no idea that I'd be late in coming home tonight from errand running, but that's just the Lord's providential timing right there!

So of course we had turkey for dinner. I wanted to add something green, so I cooked up some broccoli as well. (I LOVE BROCCOLI!!!) If I could buy large quantities of broccoli, and have a place to store it, I would. Broccoli and carrots. The top two cooked veggies in our household. I'm totally off topic here huh?... Dinner. Right. I steamed some broccoli up, and left that unseasoned.

And I just had to make more cranberry glaze. But this time I took pictures! Sooo good. I love that stuff. It's my new addiction for sweet and sour. I have a list of things that could go good on. I never put fruit stuff in ice cream, but if I was allowed ice cream, I'd actually try it out. But I'm thinking next time I'll make the glaze thicker, and it'd be a great spread for breakfast breads! I'm curious how it'd be on rice cakes, or almond crisps. I just received some rice bread from my awesome Mom-in-Law, and I think tomorrow I'll toast some of that with cran-glaze... *licking lips* Anyhow, here's a few pictures of the steps I took in making it. Super. Duper. Simple.

Cranberries. Pan. Cranberies IN pan. Excellent.
I accidently added a bit more water than was
necessary this time around, but roughly equal parts
cranberry and water is good. Add more water
for a glaze effect, and less water for a cranberry
jelled effect.

Boil the cranberries until the burst. At that point
 I use my wooden spoon to press each berry
and use its cran-guts out. Add a bit of honey.

After adding honey, let it simmer a bit (watch it! This is
when it becomes easy for it to boil over if you have it too
high!) Serve when you like the consistency.

My next addition for dinner? Sweet potato fries. I was told that sweet potato's are good to have, and I know that TBG is a huge sweet potato fry fan, so I figured it'd a fun experiment. Well, I now know how I want to do it slightly different next time. The main thing is to get those in the oven before the hungry hungry husband comes home and keeps asking when they're ready, and then I broil them and cause a bit more...browning..than is preferred. >_> But here's some pictures and steps. For the record, I only used ONE sweet potato.

Peeled sweet potato. I then cut into small fry-like strips. Pre-heat oven to 400
You can see the strips. Add a bit of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)
and sprinkle with some salt and pepper. I also added
a TINY amount of chili pepper and paprika.
Toss in oven for 30 minutes or so. I had a bit longer, cause
I accidently added more than a bit of EVOO.
Dinner! You can tell I kinda broiled those fries a bit much. My next
go at those will be better. I plan. And hope. >_>
 And...I have an idea for tomorrow, but I'll share that then. ^_^

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