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Saturday, August 7, 2010


As a child, I didn't really care that much about breakfast, it was good and all, but it wasn't the best meal of the day. (unless we got Costco chocolate chocolate chip muffins. Then it was the highlight of the day!) But since I got married, breakfast has been wonderful time to sit at the table before going our separate ways for the day and chat over good food.

...that was then. This is now...

Suddenly, all the foods we had for breakfast, I cannot have. No more breakfast sandwichs. No more pumpkin bread. No more scrambled eggs with cheese. No more coffeecake. No more fruit smoothies. No more breakfast tortilla's. That Bearded Guy can't make caramel nut rolls for us anymore. Suddenly breakfast has become so much more dreary. Our eggs always had cheese and milk in them-and they were so yummy! 2 eggs each gave us enough protein to last almost until lunch, and we'd always pair those eggs with some type of filler-fruit or bread-that had sugar to perk us up until we actually woke up. ^_^ But now I'm stuck trying to think of ideas for breakfast.

Our fruit smoothies always had yogurt in them to give them a smooth consistancy. Maybe today I'll try without yogurt. I slept in today, (3 extra hours no less! I woke up at 6, which was already an hour of extra sleep, closed the curtains, then went back to sleep til 8! Wow!) and after sleeping in, I'm so stumped with breakfast that we'll be eating breakfast almost 3 hours later than the time we usuallly eat! Oi! Thankfully TBG just got an Xbox 360 last night, so he's completely oblivious to how late in the day it is. I had given him the prequisites of finishing 3 particular video games and reading Fruits Basket manga before getting the new system, and so he's finally finished those and got the prize. (I know, most wives would give their hubbies house projects or something, I'm a nerdy wife, what can I say?)  Hmmm, this is a random tangent paragraph...oh well! I haven't had breakfast yet, so I can blame it on the withering brain cells...right? >_>

 I have two loaves of homemade pumpkin bread in the freezer, and I can't touch them anymore. I need to find a pumpkin bread recipe that I can make and eat! Any suggestions? Actually, any ideas in general for breakfast? Again, no wheat, no sugar, no dairy, no corn. Good luck. *laughs*

Well, my belly is telling me that it's time to find SOMETHING to eat in the kitchen. I suppose today we'll just do plain and sad scrambled eggs and a yogurt-less fruit smoothie. We'll see if I can find a way to spruce it up...

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  1. Ok, I am now on a quest for pumpkin and other yummy recipes for you :D