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Friday, August 6, 2010

And so it began..


Well, I haven't actually done a blog quite like this before, so we'll see how it turns out and how often I remember to post, ne?

I've recently had the desire to get back into shape and whittle down some of the happily-married-flab, and along with this decision came the idea to visit the nutritionalist. I know I don't always eat the healthiest, and I have horrible food allergies. (and they've only been getting worse, so hey, maybe a nutritionalist would help..) I figured that working out again and eating right would be a good combination. Makes sense, right?

Well. I have only a tiny bit of regret about that idea. I just HAD to do it before all the family birthdays...my birthday...our anniversary...holiday season...all the great times for CHOCOLATE CAKE AND MILK!!!

Let me back up a bit. I went in last Thursday for my first appointment. Nervous, excited, not knowing what to expect, I knew I was going to have to cut back on some things, but I didn't what or how much. Well. I filled out a long bubble questionare (SAT's did come in handy! I knew how to properly fill in the bubbles!) and then read through the explanation of the commitment I was going to be making. *gulp* Commitment? Just how painful was this going to be? Finally, they're ready for me. I go back to the little office type room and we chit chat about why I'm interested in the nutritional program, what problems I have, etc. He warns me that the method they use may seem kinda silly, but it actually does work fully and completely, and that I'll be amazed in the end with the results. Ok?...

The exam part was interesting. I'm laying on my back, and he's holding his hand against different organs and whatnot, while my raised right arm is pressing back against the pressure he's exerting against it. Sometimes he'd hold his hand over an organ, (let's say my stomach here), so he's holding his hand against my stomach while pushing against my right arm. My right arm is trying to match his pressure. My arm suddenly gives out and drops. Even though I don't want it to. That's a sign my stomach has problems. We can do it again with his against my liver, and there's no drop. It's fine. He goes back to the stomach, and again, my arm drops despite my telling it not to drop. (drove me crazy, my own body doesn't obey me!) Through this method, we discovered my stomach, gallblader and right kidney have some issues. He was surprised at the fact that I had THREE major issues at once. (I could've told me that I had lots of issues!)

The next part was determing what foods I'm sensitive to. Same arm pushy test, but this time with little vials that contain different food stuffs. My left hand has a finger touching each a different vial. When we do the arm push, the body exerts energy, and that energy moves what's IN the vial in different ways. In one way, it's a positive reaction. Another, negative. (and for anyone laughing at this, it is a true thing. We learn such stuff in biology and chemistry. No mysticism here. The Lord created us and the things around us and we are all composed of atoms. Those atoms interact with each other. It's those interactions that we can sometimes monitor with the right methods and knowledge. That's the energy that they measure for these tests) Anyhow.

Using the tests, we've discovered that I am highly sensitive to wheat, corn, sugar, and dairy. My only exceptions are honey and eggs. At this point, if I avoid those particular foods for roughly 90ish days, then my body can reset and we'll start Phase Two. Phase Two is when we slowly add back one thing. Say, wheat. My chiro's wife is sensitive to wheat. She went 90 days without it, and then when she tried having it again, she almost immediately had sinus congestion and started having nasal allergies again. Interesting, huh? So we'll then have me try adding one thing at a time, and watching closely for any reactions. Currently, I'm just praying that I can have chocolate chip cookies with milk again! I miss them so much! (and it's not like I had them alot either lately, it's just KNOWING that I can't have them, I crave them all the more)

Because of my food allergies, I haven't been eating any raw veggies at all, and very selective fruits. Since I've had to be so picky, my body is lacking nutrients that it needs. (he strongly suspects that's why my stomach and gallbladder have issues) To combat this lack, I'm taking wholefood supplements to provide what it needs. Each week we'll be testing to see how my body is handling. Which means, to my great joy, that each week, as it improves, I can swallow less pills! (I HATE swallowing pills. Again, HATE swallowing pills!!) So I'm looking forward to the next appointment to see if I've been improving, and if that means I'm at the point where I can take a few less pills each time. (mind you, I started the pill thing only this last Tuesday...) But still, a week is enough time for change, right?...

It is through these changes that I have been having new food adventures, and my plan is to focus on that in this blog. ^_^ Because I figure I can't be the only person out there in the world who can't have wheat, corn, sugar or dairy. So someone else out there is struggling with the same problems I am in deciding what to make for food. Looking at soup labels and crying over that out of place sugar. Looking at soy sauce bottles and crying over that random wheat that's in it. Looking at the can of mandarin oranges and crying over that stupid corn syrup. And staring at that carton of milk in the fridge and wishing desperately that rice milk tasted better....

Here's to the future! Of my meals, and to the rememberance of posting here!


  1. Reading labels is not one of my strong suits, or at least it wasn't till a few years go. People as me all the time ... "are you some kind of a health nut?" I'm really not! But I have started paying attention to what I'm eating now. I'm glad you're starting at a young age. I wish I had, maybe I wouldn't be 50 plus or more... eeeek! pounds over weight. And I'm not even married! hehehehe :0

    Wishing you the best of luck!!


  2. great start:D thou I don't have any food issues other than liking to eat it, I will be following along because you my friend, are fascinating :D