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Friday, January 30, 2015

Stitch Fix box #2 recap and the 3rd box!

Sooo, I totally forgot to take pictures and post about the second Stitch Fix box! Shame on me. I will post a picture of what I kept though!

My second box had several lovely pieces that looked great in the picture and would look amazing on other friends. Not so much on me. Between post baby and post holidays, I forgot to remeasure and change my measurements on my Stitch Fix Profile, so a few things just didn't fit in the most flattering of ways. (and I still need to figure out what my color type is, so I can tell them what my color type is, and know what to look at and what to avoid) One jacket was asymmetrical, like I had been pinning on my Pinterest board, but the size was a tad too small, and the color wasn't flattering. Some ladies can pull off the off white/tan/beige colors and look amazing. Alas, for I am not one of those ladies. But I really liked the jacket, so I sent an email asking if they had it in other sizes and colors. They didn't, but the gal offered to put a note in my profile saying I wanted one like it in a different size and color. Lovely customer service.

Out of the entire box, one item did fit me that I liked. At the time that I kept it, I only liked it. But it's really grown on me, and now I LOVE it. (I'm actually wearing it right now, as it were) It's soft, comfortable, I can dress it up or dress it down, it's a flattering cut and fit, it's nursing friendly... wonderfully perfect.

Queensland Dolman Jersey Top by Market and Spruce - $48

My 3rd box came in last week and oh, so much good stuff! It was really hard to make decisions on this one. Krystal was my stylist for this box, and she had some great picks!

#1 Ishara Lace Detail V-Neck Blouse by Daniel Rainn - $68

I loved the vibrant purple of this. I really don't have much purple at all in my closet, so I was really happy to see this. I loved the lace in the back, and how classy it was. I wasn't overly fond of the way it fit though, so I sadly put it back. Hoping to see more lovely purple items like this in the future!

#2 David Sueded Asymmetrical Jacket by Miilla - $88

My jacket!!! I loved this the second I touched it. Oh, it's a wonderful, comfortable, soft yet sturdy, classy and edgy, spunky jacket. It has two zipper sets, so you can have zipped loosely or tightly, you can have the awesome side zip for a more square top, or the center zip for a more classically placed zipper line, the zipper can be opened up at the bottom for more flare, it has pockets... It's similar to the jacket that I wanted in the second box, but so much better. Many thanks to my stylist for finding this gem! As if you couldn't already guess, I kept it.

#3 Cecily Crew Neck Sweater by Mak B - $48


#4 Leah Skirt by Brixon Ivy - $68

I really liked the sweater. I need to add more classic gray tops in my wardrobe, and my current stash of sweaters is diminishing. (Something about most of them being from college years or even high school means they don't fit like they used to. How odd.)  Unfortunately, I found the sweater wasn't quite as long in the sleeves or the torso as I prefer my sweaters to be. Which is a shame, as I was very fond of the design, color and fabric. So lovely! So I put this one back.

Ladies, it is important to remember to update your sizes on your style profile if you change sizes from holiday season! I hadn't thought about it at all in regards to my hips, and I just didn't think of it til this skirt came in. The picture does not do this skirt justice. It is soft and comfortable, and I so wish it fit! (I'm only holding it up on me in the picture) I have NOTHING like this in my wardrobe. Hopefully I can get something similar in the future that fits, because this would be super fun to wear with a bright top, or neutral top with bright leggings and boots or something. It didn't fit, so I put it back. But I'd be very happy to try it on in a different size.

#5 Ilana Reversible Neckline Dress by Leota - $138

This dress. OH. THIS DRESS! I want it! It's a reversible neckline, I loved the hemline, the fit, the drape, the everything. ..everything but the orangey coral color. I'm seriously hoping and praying that this dress becomes available in a different color and pattern soon that I can try on again. Everything about this was perfect, and I would have kept it if it wasn't for the coral orange colors. Realllllly hoping to get this dress sometime soon though. I'll gladly pay for a dress that fits like this!

I'm thrilled with what this box had in in it. I'm in love with that jacket and still in love with that dress. The other items have given me ideas for my own wardrobe, which is something I appreciate greatly.

One of the many things I adore about Stitch Fix (aside from the variety, the convenience of it being delivered to my front door, the 3 days to try things on and 'sleep on it', aside from all that good stuff) is that I can decide on the price range I prefer. I have the option of getting accessories, bottoms, dresses, jewelry, outer layers and tops. For each of those categories, I can give my price preference. The cheaper the better, $50-$100, $100-$150, $150-$200, or $200+. And then you can choose if there's categories you want to avoid, or that you want lots of, or maybe just to see one item per Fix. Personally, I have lots of jewelry already, and I don't wear it that much with two boys. So I don't want to waste one of my 5 items per box with a piece of jewelry- avoid! I can find dresses in the cheap range at most the stores I shop at, but I'm open to spending a bit more on a nice dress if I really like it, and if I can try it on with what I have at home, so that option is set to $50-$100, but I've also told my stylist I'm open to it being a bit more if it's a really good dress that she really thinks I like.

There's so many more things you can customize on your Style Profile. I'll go more into that detail maybe for the next Fix!

If you have any interest in Stitch Fix, questions about it, or want to sign up, click this link to sign up or leave a comment with your questions. I hope ya'all try it and love it as much as I do!


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