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Friday, November 5, 2010

Leftovers and eggs and a picture of That Cat #2

I love food. And I love sharing it with others! Randomly talked to a lovely gal in the store today, discussing pumpkins and what we each do with it. Told her about my pumpkin soup recipe. Very enjoyable conversation. I just wish there was a way to share gluten free/sugar free/dairy free recipes and foods with people without them freaking out and thinking it'll taste gross. (she didn't, by the way, but most people I mention such things to suddenly look very skeptical and find a way to change the conversational direction very quickly)


If only people would believe that..I've been having fun with the church food social experiment. Post a sign next to a food. If that sign says "gluten free", next to no one will touch it. Remove sign. Food will be gone in 3 minutes or less.


Anyways, that's not at all what I'm going to really talk about tonight. Well, to be honest, I'm not really talking about much of anything tonight! Just felt like posting yesterday's breakfast and dinner pictures. ^_^ Oh! Did I mention yet? I am now a Pampered Chef consultant! So I just got my HUGE box full of kitchen supplies and goodies, and I've been directed to use them in the kitchen, so when I go out to work my PC shows, I can talk about what I've made with the items. I seriously think I got the better end of THAT bargain! I am hoping to find people with specific food allergies and work with them, but we'll see how well that comes along..

Sephiroth liked the box all my Pampered Chef paperwork came in...
that's the only reason that box is still on our loveseat at this moment in time.
Because he looks too darn cute for us to take the box away!
 So we still have a bit of that pumpkin soup leftover-oh shucks, more yummy soup to eat!-and so I've been looking for ways to still serve the soup, but have more than just soup.

This time I decided to make pork chops on the side and add a salad. The pork chops were an experiment, and they turned out good-but next time they'll turn out amazing. This time I used pumpkin seeds for the breading, and next time I'll use pecans. (for the record, when I say use them, I am somehow implying that they have been pulverized to death in the food processor first. Just in case that somehow didn't carry through...) We liked the pumpkin seeds, but sometimes they were too crunchy-ish. I've done pecans before, and those are just...amazing...brilliant...a soothing blend of awesomeness in the mouth...yeah..try it.

Either way, dinner was good! We greatly enjoyed our leftover soup-for the second night in a row. As long as I keep it somewhat changed, we're both happy. ^_^

Pumpkin seed breading. I do wish I had a more powerful
food processor. Guess what's on this year's wish list?...

The pork chops originally had bones in them. But I cut away the
bones and trimmed the fat off. I tossed the fat, but kept the bones,
I hope to make some stock later next week, and those will be useful.

Flipped! I love searing foods-the only problem is
when I'm not paying attention, and I grab the oil
that has a high smoke factor.. >_>

Finished product!

This has to be one of my best food pictures yet. I must say.

But I also love this picture. So I'm not entirely sure which I like best...

Maybe someday I'll take a photography class, and get a really spiffy camera and take really cool shots of my food. And maybe someday I'll actually figure out good lighting for taking pictures of my food. Until then, I'll just live for the rare moments where the picture turns out as good as those!

 Ever have a horrible case of the munchies? That's now. And I'm already at my carb limit for the day. >_> Meh, whatever. Oh, sweet potato chips, how I love thee! ^_^

Just a close up of yesterday's breakfast. I made a smaller version of
Sunday's egg casserole dish, and then added in mini zuccini
muffins on the side. Soo good!

Imagine if we were allowed dairy? And then I could add cheese?...


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