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Monday, October 25, 2010

Sweet Potato's are awesome!

Diced sweet potato and pork chop, served with scrambled eggs...mmmmm...

It's sweet potato season, and That Bearded Guy and I are on such a sweet potato kick! Sweet potato fries, sweet potato hash browns, sweet potato in eggs, roasted sweet potatos, diced sweet potato and pork chops..and there are so many more recipes we have yet to try! Oh how I love this season!

Not only do they taste good, but they are very  high ranking as far as nutritional benefits. Extremely high in Vitamins A and C. Anti inflammatory, and helps to reduce asthma, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis. They are a good source of Vitamin B6-which helps to prevent heart attack and stroke. They also have a rather fair dose of manganese, folic acid, copper and iron. For being called a "sweet" potato, it's actually very low in sugar, and actually helps to regulate blood sugar levels for those who are diabetic! There is a significant amount of dietary fiber found in this marvelous root, and when consumed-especially with the skin on- it promotes a healthy digestive system, relieving constipation and helping to prevent colon cancer. High in potassium, they are great for those who work out or who suffer from muscle cramps, lackluster energy or injuries. For those of us that need to be careful with our carbs, these are a complex carb, and much better for us to be consuming. These are truly a God-sent veggie!

If you want to pick one out, stick with the typical rules for fruits and veggies. No broken skin, no bruises or cracks, etc. Firm, and pick out the darkest color you can find. The darker the color-the better the nutrition! Steaming is a cooking method that is preferred over boiling, as boiling will leech out the water-soluble nutrients.

So there's todays lesson about sweet potato's.. ^_^

This morning we had sweet potato with breakfast, and that's why it's on my mind. We had our typical scrambled eggs with onion and bell pepper in it, and then I made a little side dish of cubed sweet potato's and cubed pork chop. As TBG said, it was made of win. Woo hoo! And it was an incredibly simple recipe to come up with. The sweet potato I used was just a 1/4 of the leftover sweet potato from the morning prior. TBG has been in charge of Sunday morning breakfast, and he accidently used one of the biggest potato's we had on hand when he made the hash, so he saved half for later use. So I used half of that half, and am saving that for tomorrow morning! *yay!*

Uber simple pork/sweet potato yumminess

1 pork chop
1 sweet potato
maple syrup (roughly 1 TBSP)
salt and pepper

Lightly sprinkle the pork chop with salt and pepper. Coat the bottom of a stir fry pan with oil or butter, and turn the heat on high. Once that oil ripples, carefully toss in that pork chop and sear one side. (I sear mine for about 5 minutes) Flip that baby over and sear the other side. Remove from heat and once cool, cube.

If you bought organic sweet potato, then scrub that potato really well, and you can make this dish with the skin on. (more dietary fiber!) If you prefer skin off either way, then peel the skin off, and then cube. Using the leftover oil/butter from cooking the pork chop, toss the cubed potato in, and sprinkle with cinnamon. Put a lid over the sweet potatos, but first add about a 1/2 cup of water, to help them steam and cook a bit faster. Stir every couple minutes, until they start to get tender. Add in the cubed pork. Lightly drizzle with maple syrup, and reduce the heat. Quickly finish getting breakfast ready! Stir the pork and potato mixture, and serve hot. Enjoy.

Serves about 4, depending on the size of your potato and chop. 100 calories and 10 carbs a serving.

TBG melted into his chair this morning upon tasting this. It is delightful! And so very wonderful with how healthy it is, and how long it holds us over until lunch. Serve with eggs and you'll be enjoying a lovely, gastronomically pleasing breakfast delight.

You've got to try it!

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