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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Carb and protein yummy breakfast

This morning I was having a major craving for fruit smoothies, so I had no choice. I had to make fruit smoothies with breakfast. ^_^ TBG didn't have any complaints against it.

 I used a different blend of fruits this time, I really enjoy just throwing fruits into the blender to see what happens. But I did remember to measure them out first-how else would I get an accurate carb and cal count?-so I can actually post the recipe.

Blend it up baby!
Today's yummy-licious smoothie was made with all frozen fruits, as usual. I'd suggest running out to the store and grabbing up the rest of the seasons fresh berries while they're ripe and fresh and in season. I just bought more strawberries to take care of, and I need to finish freezing blueberries this week. Hoping to get more cherries while I still can!

5 oz blueberries
3 oz cherries
5 oz strawberries
100 grams unsweetened, plain, disgusting-by-itself yogurt (the more gross by itself, the healthier it is)
8 oz grape juice
2 ice cubes
1 Greens First packet (additional protien/veggie supplement-optional!)

Blend it up! I typically blend, stir, blend, stir, frappe, stir and serve. Serves 2. 167 calories and 36 carbs each.

I was impatient and already started drinking mine..
His drink, before it got devoured!
Now, any good breakfast should have protein, and I like my protein. So I used some leftover steak from a previous meal to make an omelette. (I'm practicing my omelette skills right now, I'm HORRIBLE at flipping those suckers!)

We are blessed with fresh eggs from my Mom-in-Law, and we
love the different color eggs we get from her many different chickens!
I used 4 eggs today-2 eggs each when I split it evenly.
I've discovered for ease of cleaning the pan after, and for ease of flipping my
wanna-be omelette, it's best to butter the pan first. I just use a basting brush
and butter a thin layer EVERYWHERE there may be egg. You never know when it's me..
I cracked the eggs in a separate dish and added half an eggs worth of hazelnut milk,
stirred well, and tossed it in. After the bottom was getting cooked for a few minutes,
I lifted the edges of the egg to allow more raw egg to go under and cook. After doing that
around all the edges I added the 1.5 oz of steak you see up there. Sprinkle salt and pepper
Not the worst flipping job. Not the best.
TBG came by with our fuzzy daughter-she's not a huggy kitty.
But we like to hug her anyways! Poor Malificent...
You can tell that Sephiroth is trying to hug back here.. >_>
After Sephiroth was put back on the floor, our 3rd child, Earl, was
safely hiding under the entertainment system. *sighs*
A good, hearty breakfast. Something like this will last me from 6:30am to about 11:30ish or so, which is a great thing for long days! Munch on some almonds and pecans and I can last longer from that point. Food strategies. They can work well. ^_^

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  1. When I was at the restaurant I worked the Sunday brunch omelet station quite a bit so I know a few tricks: Use clarified butter if you can, it has a higher smoke point so you can cook hot and fast, which I find is best for eggs. Put your fillings in FIRST (in this case, your leftover steak) and saute till warmed through (this way you wont overcook your eggs trying to get your fillings warm) Pour your already cracked and beaten eggs over your fillings. Let it set for a few seconds then take a rubber spatula and stir it a bit in the center, let it set again. Here is a really handy part: If you did use clarified butter dip your rubber spatula into it and scrape it around the outer edge of the omelet. This will add extra lubrication for your flip as well as loosen those cooked edges from the pan. FLIP! (Yeah, this takes practice, and that's really the only 'tip' I have about that, lol) If you were able to eat cheese this is when you would add it :-( Rather than try and fold your omelet in the pan slide half of it onto your plate and then just fold the other half over it as it's coming out of the pan.

    Anyway, these are my best tricks for a tasty, not overcooked omelet.

    I don't know about you, but I HATE overcooked eggs :-P